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Everly Brothers International

Everly Brothers International (EBI) has been the official and the biggest Everly Brothers fan club for more than 50 years now. The fan club is a continuation of the original USA/UK fan clubs and the Dutch fan club 'Our Stars'. Although all of them had folded by the mid 70s, EBI which was founded in late 1966 is still thriving today with even more members than ever before thanks to the new media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and of course its own website.

In all those years EBI has kept the fans of Don & Phil always up to date with newsletters, a fan club magazine named Kentucky and has organized many fan club parties for the members.

We hope you enjoy your stay here. This website is still expanding so please come back often for updates.

For more info and Everly goodies check out our sister channels on Facebook and YouTube (see further down this page).

Martial F. Bekkers              
International EBI                

Bas Siewertsen


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