And here is what a couple of your fellow Everly fans had to say about the show



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by Arthur Dickens (UK)

I received a surprise out of the blue, when I checked on the availability of ticket for the Simon and Garfunkel they were all sold out.  I then checked on e-bay to what was being sold and the only seats were being auctioned at a starting reserved price of ?100 each.  I had come to the conclusion that I was going to miss the last opportunity to see the Everly Brother.  To my surprise my wife managed to get two tickets in the eighth row back from the stage in the center block I could almost shake hands with them whilst they were singing. 

Simon and Garfunkel started the concert and every one there was tapping their feet and clapping along to the melody.  The changes to their original singing voices were hardly discernable and the atmosphere was great  The only thing that seemed to be a pity was the apparent distance that was between the two singers.  I know that they had fell out some time ago but in the opening session it wasn't very obvious that they had patched up t heir differences there was little or no eye contact and they seemed to work in their own separate area of the stage.  

That apart, the singing was fantastic. When they introduced the Everly Brothers, what a change in the audience, every one was on their feet and clapping and singing along to Wake up little Suzie, All I have to do is Dream, Let it be me and Bye Bye Love - which included Simon and Garfunkel.  

Whilst it was obvious that Don and Phil were no spring chickens, I noticed that Don has lost some weight since I last saw him, the harmony in their singing never left them.  They wrung every last drop of emotion from the songs and it was obvious why Simon and Garfunkel and many other groups chose Don and Phil as their roll models. Fantastic.  And what a standing ovation Don and Phil got when they finished and left the stage, they are still number one in my eyes and it doesn't seem right that we will not be seeing them again. 

The rest of the evening was back to Simon and Garfunkel and as if they were inspired by the Everly's performance, their own performance seemed to transcend to another level.  They managed to touch the audience with their emotion and the clarity of their singing, they hit every note just as they had in the original recordings.  The audience were now behind them and at last they seemed to acknowledge each other and some warmth between them appeared, and at the end of the session the standing ovation, cheers and clapping brought them back twice for encore sessions.  

A night never to be forgotten, a night which could only be improved by more of the Everly Brothers or even an Everly Brothers tour of their own. 



by David Macdougall (Australia)


I live in Melbourne, Australia and I am currently visiting and  staying with one of my sisters in Minneapolis.  Last weekend we flew to Philadelphia especially to see the Simon & Garfunkel concert because the Everly Brothers (my icons) were making a guest appearance. The concert was wonderful and the Everly Brothers were simply awesome.  For anyone who loves the boys, I can only suggest that they "kill" to be at one of the concerts.  I came all the way from Australia to catch up with them so all you American Everly Brothers devotees can make it if you really make up you mind!  Whatever you do, don't miss this concert - it is fantastic. The following is an extract from a message about the concert which I  sent to my friends back home in Australia:

"The trip to Philadelphia was fascinating and the Simon and Garfunkel concert was superb.  At the end of the night there were three separate standing ovations which went on and on, and on the third occasion when the two artists reappeared on the stage, they sang without their supporting band which had apparently left and gone home for the evening!  The Everly Brothers were simply awesome (naturally) but were unfortunately only on stage for about 15 minutes in total.  They performed three of their songs and then were joined by Simon & Garfunkel for a combined stunning rendition of their first hit "Bye Bye Love". All in all it was a fantastic experience and I was so pleased that  we made the trip to be there". 


by Deb Cote (USA)

Get ready, Europe!!!!!!!!!! I have to admit, that I was VERY, VERY excited when June 10th arrived, even though I saw the NYC MSG concert December 2nd.  I'm also very gratified that I had better seats than the Mayor!  

But when the lights came down, and they rolled their opening film, which builds dramatically to the final shot:  An outside view  of The Pepsi Arena. What a roar that brought up.  Then the lights came  up, and there was Paul and Art.  You just cannot believe the cheers and screaming that went up.

Paul dedicated the concert to Ray Charles, who died that day.  And I was crying.  I guess it was a Boomer thing, but the  tears ran down my face, as they sang "Old Friends."  These two people  are giants to me, and they actually brought me to Don and Phil,  when they sang "Bye Bye Love" on their album, Bridge Over  Troubled Water. 

I have to admit I agree with the Times Union about the sound.  I don't know how much time they had for sound checks, but from  the first notes, the sound bounced all over the place.  They finally  got it right some minutes in, but I don't agree with the Albany  Times Union review that Paul was dis-interested, and seemed not to care.  Obviously they don't know Paul Simon.  He let Art take center stage first, and let his fabulous guitar work speak for him.  

Later on, he opened up, and I got a REAL kick when he said it was the 50th anniversary of their friendship.  "What do they call it  ...The Golden Anniversary?  We should have a party...we could  hire a band.  We could...hire Simon & Garfunkel!"  Whereas Art  chimed in, "We couldn't afford them."  What a laugh that  got,  much appreciated by the fans, like me, who absconded with the company funds to buy tickets to this concert. Almost before you know it, a magical evening got even better. 

They sang a snippet of "Hey Schoolgirl," and you knew what was  coming next.  They introduced Don & Phil. DON AND  PHIL!!!!!!  Another HUGE roar.  Oh, what an ABSOLUTE thrill!  I was  closer this time, than in NYC, and boy, they left Paul AND Art  behind in the dust.  The enthusiasm that Phil displays when he whams that guitar!  His grin!  And Don's singing was superb.  He never sings a song the same way twice.  What a master!!!  They had the crowd ROCKING!  People shown dancing in the aisles on the giant video screen.  What a set!  And over much, much too soon. The crowd jumped to their feet when they exited, and wanted more.  Much more.  Art waved his hand in front of his face like he was breathless and uttered,"What a thrill!!!"  

When it was all over, they got two prolonged standing ovations, two encores, and I SO wish Don and Phil could take the final bow with them when the show is over.  I know it's Paul and Art's tour, but that final bow, with the rest of the band, would be so special.  But I don't care.  It's probably the last time I'll ever see the TWO amazing duos, and that night is going to remain in my mind as the capper of  40 years with Paul and Art, and 20 years worshipping the masters,  Don and Phil. Bravo!!!!!!!!!