We are very happy and proud to present to you the ultimate Everly Brothers Discography. Carefully put together and compiled by Robin Dunn you find below several Adobe files you can download (free of charge of course). The files will be updated periodically when new information comes in.







Solo Works



And if that wasn't enough he also was kind enough to supply us with the ultimate Song Lyrics file which without any shadow of a doubt surpasses even the most ardent Karaoke fan's needs. Thanks Robin !


(c) Robin Dunn  2006  (May 2012 update Lyrics)

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A few words from Robin:

Dear fellow Everly followers, You will find on this website updated versions of all the lists of recordings made by The Everly Brothers. These, as before, are broken down into categories as follows:- 

UP TO 1960 - all the recordings up to and including the complete Cadence era;
1960 - 1970 - The Warners Brother era including other known non-WB recordings of that period;
1970 - 1972 - The RCA years;
FROM 1983 - All recordings from the Reunion Concert onwards;
SOLO RECORDINGS - all Don & Phil's solo material from way back until the present day. Some duplicates tracks on other lists e.g. A solo track on an EB album;
COLLABORATIONS - all known collaborations with other artistes whether vocal/instrumental and/or composing and/or producing.

Additional information to the lists includes recording studios where known and the musicians (where known) involved.

THE LYRIC LIST - a complete set of all the EBs song lyrics and compositions. Many songs are annotated with a little more information about the song, background, composer(s), references etc. Future editions will include even more detail. Queries solved thanks to the help of many others including Ken Reeves - on many songs - Dave Rich (Carol Jane), Sonny Curtis (I Used To Love Her), Scott McKenzie (Stained Glass Morning), Doug Lubahn (Del Rio Dan) and Al Kooper (Night Time Girl - a 'lost' track) to all of whom I am very grateful - plus of course input from many of you! 

Numerous songs are included which have not been 'formally' recorded but have featured in concerts and good versions are available on bootlegs. Also included are all the significant songs from the Everly performances on the 1970 ABC TV series, 'Johnny Cash Presents Everly Brothers' together with recording and broadcast date. Ditto re performances on various Garrison Keillor 'Lake Wobegon' shows in the 1980's/90's and collaborations with others including Don & Phil's sons. There are a few 'lost' songs known to have been recorded but which have not to date seen the light of day.
There are anumber tracks listed without lyrics - these are songs known or believed to exist as compositions but have not, as yet, been tracked down. Any new information about these songs, the lyrics and particularly recordings would be gratefully appreciated. 

Please advise me, via Martial, of any typos/corrections, missing or new information on any of the lists.

Best wishes,


Robin Dunn is a professional actor and director - rejoining the profession after many years in a university career where, as well as lecturing and management, he also wrote, directed and performed.  As an actor and director Robin has appeared and been involved with a wide range of productions. 

Robin has been an Everly Brothers 'nut' since being introduced to them by his older sister Georgina, who used to 'jive with the door' to records of the fifties and early sixties. Georgina also taught Robin to jive and he can still rock 'n' roll away with the best! Robin has a very wide taste in music covering all facets and styles from classical (especially the Cello) through to jazz, folk, country and rock. He particularly likes all close harmony singing. Robin's brother Andrew (like Phil - two years younger), who shares a similar taste in music, is a well known cinematographer see: He is married to Kay - who says she also had to marry Don & Phil - and his two daughters grew up 'brainwashed' with them.