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Williams Brothers

  Let It Be Me

Here we have two brothers from a musical Family, they have been singing and playing guitar from an early age - their father is one of the Pioneers of Rock n Roll in Australia - Warren Williams - and the two brothers in harmony are Warren Jr and Andrew Williams; as if that is not enough talent in one family, there's also their older brother Darren and sister Tracey, they make up the rest of the Band, named "The Shy Guys"  Here's a link to their site:

=> Shy Guys Website

To say they are shy is an understatement, just recently they performed to 50.000 people, from the roof of the Sydney Town Hall, to launch the ticket tape parade for our returned forces from East Timor and they are the performers in the biggest Everly Brothers Tribute Show in Australia named: "A tribute to the Everly Brothers and the Idols of Rock-n-Roll" (a big title for a big show) - which is a big and very professional production. 

The first half of the show is dedicated entirely to the Everly Brothers, right down to their looks, clothing and two Gibson J 180 (Everly Model) acoustic Guitars, which the brothers went to great lengths to import from the USA. 

Williams Brothers

Their music is based on songs from the famous Re-union Concert, right down to the "deadly medley" of Ebony eyes/Love hurts and take a message to Mary and some of the other songs covered are: The Price of Love, Walk Right Back, Temptation Crying in the Rain, etc, all in all a total of 28 Everly songs.   

The second part of their show is a tribute to other artists of the Rock n Roll era, such as The Bee Gees, Beatles, Beach Boys, Elvis, Tom Jones, Neil Diamond, Chuck Berry, to name a few. 

Needless to say these are absulutely fabulous shows of International Standard and absolutely not to be missed.


FEB 7   (Sat)             Blacktown RSL
FEB 21 (Sat)             Penrith Panthers
April 3  (Sat)             Fairfield RSL
April 10 (Sat)            Blacktown Workers Club
May 14 (Friday)       Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL
May 21 (Friday)       Rooty Hill RSL
July 31 (Sat)             Liverpool Catholic Club



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